Love Amongst the Ruins

Sometimes it almost feels as if London has entered a Golden Age. The increasingly benevolent climate, the sparkling near mineral-water quality of the Thames, the clean white buildings, the [...]

Coming Home

We’re leaving for Russia tommorow – to play in Moscow and St Petersburg courtesy of the delightful Serezha from the equally delightful Bad taste Records (the Russian home of our [...]

Wanna Buy a Dream?..

Joe enters his newly rented room NARRATOR:“Well. It’s a room anyway Joe. Better than a tent. But there’s the minor complication of the rent.Take inventory son: Assets: noneLiabilities: [...]

For The Dreamers

“This is a Story of Dreams mixed with Reality”. When Marek first showed me Hans Richter’s film ‘Dreams that Money Can Buy” as a potential project, I knew from this [...]


It’s been an incredible year for animals in London. Apart from Alex’s Mad Monkey, we had the London Whale and then, this weekend just gone, the absolutely incredible London Elephant. [...]


“The Trans Pennine express will now be leaving. We’d like to apologise for the delay and for any inconvenience caused to passengers” The announcer didn’t sound particularly sorry and as the train [...]

Valentine Rose

‘What’s your surname?’ I asked him He raised one eyebrow ‘Rose’ ‘Valentine Rose? Are you kidding?’ ‘No I’m not kidding. It was my [...]