An Alchemical Christmas Card

screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-21-51-54al-insideEvery year since back in the Bronze Age (2005), we have produced a The Real Tuesday Weld limited edition audio Christmas card. They were originally inspired by the annual Christmas record The Beatles made for their fan club in the 1960s. Sometimes they have contained little films and they always have songs and instrumentals and often had spoken word sequences. And none of that passing off feeble remixes and c sides either. They have always contained some of our best work I think.

This year’s is HERE

Last year we did a flexi disc to celebrate a whole year of X-Ray Audio. I know the sound quality was awful but it did look damn cool. This year we have gone back to a having a little mini 5cm cd because we love them so much. I know many people can’t actually play them as they need an old style cd player with a tray which less and less people have. But, don’t worry, you do get a download token too and the little disc look so cute. PLUS, DJ Food told me that the little cds are about to become uber hip again – and that is enough for us.

You can grab it HERE

The concept is all about Alchemy – a big inspiration this year and the transformation of shit into gold isjust what this sad old world needs right now right?. So enjoy magical musical box soundtracks, slightly sour sentimental songs and a whole story about a strange London creature living by the Thames narrated by yours truly.

Get one for a friend, a lover, an alchemist or just for yourself. Get one signed and addressed or we will sign it and address it to a loved someone if you like.

The design is by Fred Huber based on an alchemical scroll from the Wellcome Trust.
Check it out.

And gave a very Alchemical Christmas. xx