Last_Words_02We are currently writing a new album. And that feels very, very good. I have mainly been working on films for the last year or so – there was the Indie Noir Heist psychodrama THE SUSPECT, the wonderful upcoming super stylish indie rom-com MEET ME IN MONTENEGRO and, lest we forget, Ronni Thomas’s fantastically strange biopic of Anthropomorphic Taxidermist WALTER POTTER (see the trailer below).

We played some super shows and festivals over the last year: especially Moscow, St Petersburg, Istanbul and the BFI. And we are currently involved in various London based events including SALON FOR THE CITY and 32LONDONERS ON THE LONDON EYE BUT, it is very nice to be back writing songs for the another album – hearing it take shape and wondering what it will be at the end – monstrous, mutant or melodius.

I have always liked to work with a narrative – obviously so in the case of I Lucifer and The Last Werewolf which were soundtracks to books – and with The London Book of the Dead and The End of the World, I held a story in mind throughout. This time, it feels as if the story is taking shape by itself and that is both alarming and exciting.

I have decided to post things as I go along this time. Usually, I sit on them like an hawk on an egg until they are ready but why? So, if you listen and like, let us know. As ever it is always a pleasure to hear from people and we are remain delighted that people remain delighted.

We will be playing a few select shows this year but many more next year when the record is done.

In the meantime, ONWARDS!

With love