We’ve just published a mini-podcast for you – the first in our new RADIO CLERKENWELL 666fm series. It tells the story of how an email changed my life (really), about a strange object found in a St Petersburg flea market and about an amazing gift a girl in a Moscow cafe gave me.

We’ll be posting more podcasts and stories over the next few weeks to tell you about some of the other very strange things that have happened and are about to happen..

Now you may remember a track of ours called BATHTIME IN CLERKENWELL which caused a bit of a stir (some people have even said that it helped to invent Electro-Swing). My Russian friend Alex Budovksy made a wonderful animation for it which won billions of awards and made lots of people happy. Well, now we are hoping to make another animation for a new song BATHWELL IN CLERKENTIME – a sort of sequel.

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