Here is an idea for a time of austerity and cuts to the arts – make your own instruments from any any old sh*t lying around the house. (I have been appalling my neighbours for while now by playing the saw with an old violin bow).

Here is the Poppy-Phone. It was made for young Poppy and is surprisingly like a Suzaphone in tone. Apart from costing less than a fiver, it has the huge advantage of not needing any more ability to play than a kazoo. That is you sort of blow and hum notes at the same time and it sounds top – and loud

If you want to hear what it would sound like on a recording along with a pair of chopsticks and the saw (all admittedly heavily edited on a macbook), have a listen to this song from our upcoming London Month of the Dead Ep ***

Not sure I could pull it off live though – especially while singing. But if your sink is blocked, give me a call.


***The Ep has been made for Antique Beat and A Curious Invitation’s London Month of the Dead. All proceeds will go to the Brompton Cemetery restoration Fund.

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