The Song of December
I know the world has changed
And mainly for the Better
But I feel strange
Wishing that weren’t true
For I cannot recall
When I last wrote a letter – 
I’m gonna write one now
To say “I Love You”

Now everything is free:
The love, the songs, the pornography
And we’re drowning in a sea
Of stuff we’ll never need,
I hope that we
Still value things that matter
I’m gonna text you now
To say that “I still love you!”

The Song of December and five other seasonal songs with our friends, Martyn Tiger Lilly, Marcella Puppini Sister, Joe Guillotine and Mara Carlyle is available on this year’s audio christmas card from Antique Beat

These cards have become a little institution around here – I think this is number seven or eight. The artwork as ever is by the wonderfully talented  Catherine Anyango.  You may not be able to see but the little city in the image to the left is made from the words of the song.

It has been a crazy year in some ways – a lot of time spent looking out of the windows of various hospitals but it all worked out. I am so lucky.