Last night to the premiere of the new Richard Curtis feel-good, comedy ‘The Boat that Rocked” in Leicester Square. Now I’ve never been to a red carpet affair before so I found it quite interesting – with Sixties Go Go dancers, popping flashbulbs and all that – and it was absolutely rammed with English Actors and celebrities – apparently. Unfortunately due to a combinations of factors – not having a TV, not reading the papers and being short sighted – I rarely recognise anyone and I embarrassed myself by mistaking Paul McCartney’s new girlfriend for Carlo Bruni. My eyesight is good enough however to notice that Kenneth Brannagh is rather short.

I am not alone in this deficiency. Sipping yet another non alcoholic drink, I had become aware of the interested gaze of a young chap for sometime before he came over, introduced himself and engaged me in a conversation which implied a familiarity with me and my work. I managed a small period of self delusion before we both realised that he had mistaken me for one of the cast and he hurried off. I was left alone rather hoping he wasn’t thinking of Rhys Ifans before changing my mind and hoping that he WAS thinking of Rhys Ifans – as the only plausible (ie blondish) alternatives being Philip Seymour Hoffman or, ahem, Bill Nighy.

It’s probably the longest comedy I have seen – almost two and a half hours – and so full of feel good moments that I’m afraid to say I began to feel rather bad. Some funny things but I left with a rather confused feeling of really not knowing what to make of it. N. said to me “That’s because you’re not the target audience.” Do let me know if you are the target audience, what that means and what you think of it.