It’s been an incredible year for animals in London. Apart from Alex’s Mad Monkey, we had the London Whale and then, this weekend just gone, the absolutely incredible London Elephant. I swear, I have never, ever seen anything like it in the city and I doubt we will see its like again.

Parading up from Horse Guard’s parade along the Mall, and down Picadilly to Trafalgar Square doing all sorts of odd and funny peculiar things along the way – this was pure real joy. I actually thought I was tripping at one point. We were singing all the elephant songs we could remember – ‘Little Blue’, ‘Nelly the Elephant’, ‘Effervescing Elephant’ and so on. Valentine even broke into a jig at one point.

I hope if you live here, you saw it and if you don’t that you get chance to one day…….

Blessings on those with elephant sized imaginations and ambitions – and particularly on those who managed to keep the Health and Safety Nazis at bay -a gargantuan task in itself …..but oh, what a sight!

May you Plod preposterously on…….