A couple of years ago I had a very strong dream about being on the South Bank of the River Thames in a kind of glade of trees – a landscape as it probably would have been before the city existed. Across the water came floating a kind of barge and on it were a family of half human – half horse-like creatures. They disembarked and I watched them for a while before we engaged in some sort of communication. They told me something important or imparted some kind of wisdom which of course on waking I couldn’t quite recall. The dream itself continued in a strange and fairy tale sort of way and it inspired some music I later wrote called ‘Epitaph for a Dream’.

Then I kind of forgot all about it until, with the strangeness of things, during some research, I recently came across a wonderful animation from 1921 by the American Winsor McCay in an archive. Surprise, surprise I thought I recognised the dream there.

Did I see it as a child and just forget?
Is it is a well-known myth?
Is it an unconcious archetype?
“What does it all mean Steerpike?”

I’ve no idea – but anyway, here are both.