The 2012 Real Tuesday Weld Audio Christmas card has arrived at Antique Beat’s pop-up Christmas shop somewhere in Clerkenwell. And it looks beautiful. There are two versions: Red Wolf Country and Blue Wolf City.


Have to say, it looks absolutely gorgeous. (Sounds pretty good too).


It contains new or unreleased music from the past year:
The crazy gypsy electro-swing foot tapper “Spring Heeled Jane” features the most stylish DJ duo in the world The Broken Hearts.

Josephine Lloyd and the band perform a heart-stopping version of “Torched Song” (originally written for the LA Noire soundtrack).

A demo version of a new song “Black Bird Day” (soon to appear on Arctic Circle’s forthcoming incredible Age of Not Believing project) brings a haunting fairytale atmosphere to the proceedings.

“Snowball” and “Last Light” bookend the mini-album with crackly old meets new sounds suitably coloured to the winter season.