I’ve been zipping around the freeways of Los Angeles in a hire car. This was a fairly terrifying experience – mainly for the citizens of Los Angeles. I know that Americans use the right side of the road (the wrong side we would say) but on all previous visits, my driving has been of the back seat variety.

The geography of the city became somewhat clearer to me as a result of my time on the roads – at least in that I understood much more clearly how radically different it is than European cities – first of all it is seemingly limitless and secondly, there is no centre. I liked it much more this time than previously – not difficult I suppose when you are sipping a cold drink by the pool of a house in the Hollywood hills or of a sea-front hotel in Santa Monica. I was of course there to work – but still.

Now on the other hand the psychogeography of the the place remains quite novel to someone used to the Dickensian labyrinths of London life. It’s easy to assume that absolutely everyone is involved in the film business in some way or to fall back on easy cliches regarding superficiality, low carb diets and cosmetic surgery.

However, regarding the latter, I must point you at this delightfully spiteful piece of moving imagery by our old friend and colleague Alex De Campi for the Marcella and The Forget Me Nots song “What have you done to your Face?” produced by yours truly..

Quite put me off having any work done myself – even if I will be spending more time near the camera and musing on the words ‘cut’, ‘score’ and ‘feature’.