LIGHTS – CAMERA – LONDON @ Salon for the City

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Join us, St Etienne, film maker Paul Kelly and writer Travis Elborough for an evening of capital film at Westminster Arts library on July 24th at 6.30pm.

Since the invention of the movie camera London has always proved fascinating to film makers. Apart from the countless pictures that have been set here, the city itself has often been the subject, and sometime star of their work.

Salon No 7: LIGHTS – CAMERA – LONDON brings together Bob Stanley of the band Saint Etienne, film maker Paul Kelly (and a return appearance from Salon alumni Travis Elborough) discussing London films: their own and some of those that have inspired them.

TICKETS In advance only £4/7 from WeGotTickets


6.30pm JULY 24th 2013

Westminster Arts Library

35 St Martins Street

London WC1