I occasionally get asked about illegal downloading. It’s a complex area and I never quite know what to say so I’m always interested to hear other people’s opinions. I do feel rather sympathetic to this piece by Jack of the White Stripes.

But it is a good time for the listener – and we’re all listeners. And the same technology and changes that have made all the file sharing possible has made so many wonderful things happen too – especially being able to connect and interact with people all over the world. People can give so much back. For instance, we’ve played several times in the Russian Federation and whilst I don’t believe I have ever had any royalties from there, it has been wonderful to see a crowded venue enthusiastically singing along to the words of a song – especially as I often have difficulty recalling them correctly myself..

And that brings me to Maria Delice from St Petersburg who sent us this:

Lovely stuff and much appreciated Maria.

Maybe I should get an autocue.