One of the reasons the next The Real Tuesday Weld album has been rather delayed is that I have been working on films and various projects over the last two years which all seem to have taken over. One was the sound track to Alex Holdridge and Linnea Saason’s wonderfully stylish and funny indie movie Meet Me in Montenegro (and I am not just saying nice things because I was involved in it – honest).

Alex made the film ‘In Search of a Midnight Kiss’ a few years back. I had really liked that and so was pleased when he got in touch about this film. It is particularly interesting because it is a classic case of real life imitating art – amongst other things, it is partly a film about the perils of being an indie film-maker and Alex and Linnea, who are real life partners, play the romantic leads. Current English handsome hot property Rupert Friend also stars.

There is a lot of music in the film, not all of it mine. But I provided original score and various tracks with guest vocalists including Joe Coles, Marcella Puppini and Josephine Lloyd. I hope we can put out the soundtrack at some point, but the songs at least will definately be released.

The film will be having its UK premiere at the Edinburgh Film Festival next month.

You can check out one song from the soundtrack, ‘Promises, Promises’ here:

I am currently at work on another movie – a French one this time. It is called IMAGINE and is written and directed by Benoit Graffin. I love film and I love working on films – especially when there is the opportunity to write songs too. It is like doing a secret album.