Recordings / Album: At The End Of The World

‘Like shadows we are and like Shadows depart’

Also known as (The Clerkenwell Kid Live) At the End of the World. This is in fact a mini-album by The Clerkenwell Kid but for boring retail reasons was ascribed to being by The Real Tuesday Weld.  It was conceived as a companion piece to ‘The London Book of the Dead’. Going through the press reviews now, I see that it wasn’t particulalry well received or understood but strangely, I think it may be my favourite of all the things we have done.

I was having many apocalyptic dreams at that time and it felt as if London was on the brink of some fundamental change. The idea of the album came to me in a dream as a “valedictory performance recorded on the eve of the apocalypse on Valentine’s eve at The End of the World club in London 2012′: a ‘live’ set of pre-apocalyptic junkyard blues performed in honour of and inspired by dreams; a suite of haunted and haunting songs and instrumentals leading gently onward  towards the end. Special guests appear and disappear as performers and audience prepare themselves to say goodbye and to face an uncertain future where heaven only knows what tomorrow will bring”.

It was released in two versions: as a single CD in a lovely fold-out cover or as limited edition box set with a free “Last Will and Testament” form. I remain concerned that many of our friends have not made a will so we made one for them. It is an official document so can be used and is beautifully designed by Catherine Anyango like much of our recent artwork. The box also contained various piece of paper ephemera from the collection in this old house.

Two songs: ‘I’ll see you in my Dreams’ and ‘Over the Hillsides’ were featured in the HBO series Bored to Death.