Recordings / Album: Lazarus And The Plane Crash – Horseplay

‘I’m the pope of trash, I’m the cardinal of gash,
I’m the arch-vicar of cheap liquor’

OK, so it’s not an album by The Real Tuesday Weld but it says here that it is “a collision between Joe Coles of The Guillotines, a singer renowned for wild live performance, a man “somewhere between Iggy Pop and Captain Beefheart but more beguiling than either” and The Clerkenwell Kid, the man behind The Real Tuesday Weld.

The Kid said of it: “These songs mix garage rock, gypsy jazz, cut-and-paste sampling, sexual over-excitement, violence and torch song pathos under spontaneous versifying. It was put together in a studio by the Thames rather like Doctor Frankenstein and Igor assembling a bricolage of body parts from borrowed bits and pieces. Joe would arrive, usually late, and tanked up and cranked up on bad wine and tobacco, we’d pull the lever until the current arced across the room and the twitching started. Usually single takes and a subsequent laborious stitching process were all that were needed.”

The critics loved it, we loved it, Anna Pacquin loved it. I think more listeners would love it if only they heard it. Antique Beat released it – partly because our other labels were baffled by it and partly because we decided it should come with a free Ouija board (courtesy of the enigmatic Catherine Anyango). So have a listen, if you like it, get it and the ouija board here. Maybe you can use it to foretell the future of the music business?

I suppose “King of the Village Fete’ is the standout track but to be honest I love Joe singing “Violent Men’ – the best torch song we’ve made yet.

Andy Gill of The Independent nominated the album for the alternative Mercury award.

We seconded it.