Recordings / DVD / Album: Dreams That Money Can Buy

Everybody dreams. Everybody travels.  

This is a story of Dreams mixed with Reality.

When we first heard these words narrated at the beginning of this crazy, beautiful unique 1948 Surrealist film by Hans Richter, we felt it could have been a description of The Real Tuesday Weld.  in 2005, Stuart Brown of the BFI had suggested that we do a live re-score of Cocteau’s “La Belle et la Bete” which would have been great but we discovered that it has already been done by Philip Glass.  So Stuart introduced us to Marek Pytel of Reality film who specialised in producing live performances of films which already had a soundtrack and Marek suggested ‘Dreams that Money Can Buy’.

It is an incredible, largely forgotten, flawed masterpiece and we jumped at the chance.  Full credit  to to the live band, to the narrators David Piper and Cibelle and particularly to Clive Painter for the production of the soundtrack.  After several performances including an astonishing evening at the Tate Modern in London, the BFI commissioned us to record the soundtrack for the DVD edition of the film.

For a sample and to catch the flavour of it, you can listen to the Dreams that Money Can Buy podcast from the Radio Clerkenwell 666Fmpage or check out the video clips for“The Girl with The Prefabricated Heart”  , Dreaming of You (sung by Cibelle) or Marcel Duchamp’s “Discs” below.

You may also enjoy “Ghost Before Breakfast.” another Dadaist short by Richter which we scored.

You can buy the soundtrack as a CD album or get that free with the DVD itself which has the option to watch the film with and without our soundtrack plus a little documentary about its making and some other very cool featurettes.