Recordings / I Love The Rain

“I Love the Rain” is one of the first The Real Tuesday Weld songs. People kept asking me what style it was in so I made up the genre “Antique Beat” to cover it and the other things we were getting up to. I suppose the current “Electro-Swing” thing is a version of that.

There are many versions of this song and we still play it live although it doesn’t make so much sense to do it the way it sounds here. It was first released on this limited edition seven inch on the very lovely and much missed Dreamy Records a label of love run with great generosity by Tracy Lee Jackson.

The original version of the song got used in a big Chevrolet ad in the US the other year which gave it, and us, another brief 15 minutes in the spotlight (although little financial reward) and our US label Six Degrees put it out again as a digital ep. That doesn’t really count as a release in my book but we’ve included the extra remixes here for reference – especially as the vinyl has all gone.

One of the original seven inch B sides “(I’m still in Love with) Paul Wilcox” is a bit embarassing now – ’cause I’m not. I remain fond of the other one – “Amelia Earhart Blue” – though because I am still in love with Amelia Earhart.