Recordings / Moonsetting

‘We’re gonna love it, yeah we’re gonna love it, really gonna love it – when we see you wwing..’

This could also be known as the “Tallula Rising EP” – a mini soundtrack for the second book in Glen Duncan’s “The Last Werewolf”trilogy but we wanted to include a couple of tracks that didn’t make it to the Soundtrack for the Last Werewolf album – plus Dr Cat’s wonderful remix of Me and Mr Wolf. Unusually for us, it is only available as a digital download (well there were a hundred cds made but they have all gone). It is released on Crammed discs throughout Europe. Marc at Crammed asked me to write some notes about it to help the press figure out what it’s all about. Here they are:

Last Tango in Clerkenwell – featuring The Puppini Sisters
The Sisters are old friends and I like sneakily getting them to do things darker than they normally might. In this vengeful little soundtrack, we are not sure whether they are encouraging a beloved to dance – or threatening to kill them. I always loved Last Tango in Paris of course but it’s nice to re-imagine the girls here as three vicious she-werewolves on the rampage in our London neighbourhood

Good Enough to Eat
Is this song sickly sweet or is cannibalism on the menu? I’m sure we have all wanted to consume someone (or be consumed by them) at one time or another haven’t we? Haven’t we? A werewolf has to do it once month. In Glen Duncan’s Last Werewolf books, the protagonists, pricked by the human part of their consciousness, try for a while to only eat bad people. But damn it! It’s like being on the Dukan diet, they just can’t keep it up – the good stuff tastes – just too bloody good..

The Worst in Me – featuring Joe Coles
I do realise here is a theme going on here – good,bad, good, bad. I wish we only liked people who were good for us and never felt violent towards those we love – but we don’t.

Me and Mr Wolf – remixed by Dr Cat
The whole Electro-Swing thing crept up on us rather stealthily. We’ve been doing this sort of music (mixing up old and new – Antique Beat as we call it), for years. People have usually been very good about crediting that – and sometimes express concern that we haven’t made more money from it or aren’t publicly hailed as trend-setting geniuses now that everybody else is doing it too. That is very kind but there is really no need to worry. I was always more influenced by the songs than by the swing and it’s is great to hear so many fabulous things being made in the style. Whenever I hear this one – Dr Cat’s wonderful mixup of our little Red Riding Hood tale – I am just pleased to still be alive and twitching.
Keep ’em coming.

Torched Song – featuring Josephine Lloyd
Originally this was written for the blockbuster Rockstar Games title ‘LA Noire’. They rang me on Christmas Eve as I was wrapping presents and singing carols to ask if I could write some songs about a heroin-addicted jazz singer who may be a pyromaniac murderer in post-war Los Angeles. “No problem” I said and put down the wrapping paper. Here, one of those songs is re-imagined and re-interpreted the way we play it live because, in a strange act of musical syncronicity, it came somehow to be a song about Tallula the female lead in the second of Glen’s werewolf trilogy.

I Vampiri
Couldn’t think of anything interesting to say lyrically about the cool, vicious Italian vampires in Glen’s books so I didn’t bother. But musically I imagined them ripping it up (and out) in the darkest of discos and doing people harm with horns and harmonicas or garrotting them with gypsy guitar strings.

Wreckless – featuring Joe Coles
This is my favourite of all the songs we’ve done with Joe. Picture Jake Marlowe The Last Werewolf, at the end of several tethers, a grandiose, self pitying, serial-killing romantic but here re-imagined as the last drunk at the end of the bar: maudlin with booze and reluctant to step over himself back into the autumnal London beyond the doorway.