Recordings / Seasons Dreamings 2009

This is the first of our mini-cd audio greetings card combinations. Getting away with being an independent artist is dependent on a lot of goodwill and support and Christmas always seems a good time to say thanks to the people who make it provide it. The cards started off just for that purpose but people kept asking if they could buy them to send to their own friends so we made them available in limited numbers.

We try to make them as special as possible and here there is a collection of peculiar tracks including The Puppini Sisters singing “Plastic Please” a slightly silly song written for the US indie film “Meeting Spencer”.

We have done many things with The Puppinis and have had a long tradition of guest vocalists and collaborators. Here too is Joe Coles, ex Guillotines and current Lazarus and the Plane Crash singer, with the spiteful love song “The Worst in Me” and ex “Aesthetic Education” singer Louis Frank on “The Man Who Bought the World”. The latter is a song written for the Paul Raymond based “King Soho” musical.

If there are any left of these, they are at The Antique Beat Boutique

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