I will be spinning bubbly electronic organic tunes at the Wellcome Trust, London this Friday June 3rd from about 6 – 9pm.

Come and say hello if you are around. Details HERE

You can see the current exhibition for free, eat, drink and be merry and hang out in what is one of my favourite places in London. The permanent collection is a crazy wonder to behold: a gradually changing selection from the gigantic incredible medical miscellany amassed by the obsessive collector and philanthropist Henry Wellcome. Their current temporary show is ‘STATES OF MIND: Tracing the edges of Conciousness’exploring phenomena such as somnambulism, synaesthesia, disorders of memory and consciousness and what can happen when our mind is interrupted, damaged or undermined.

It’s magic. Go HERE

Then at the weekend I will be in Brompton Cemetery with Antique Beat for a series of events on Alchemy, Magic and Transformation. The concert with Lydia Kavina, the world’s foremost theremin paper, immediately sold out but there are a few tickets left for other things. Check it out HERE

More DJ sets and X-Ray Audio events over the summer and The Real Tuesday Weld will be back playing live in the Autumn. Hurrah. I have been writing and recording away, amassing songs, throwing them away, mixing them up and keeping all the plates spinning as ever.

More soon and love to all friends.