The Real Tuesday Weld have produced a new film – and again it is by their old friend and collaborator Alex De Campi.  This time it is a rather wonderful stop motion fairytale featuring an archetypal hero (the spaceman) and an archetypal heroine (the fairy girl).  There is also a strange dream sequence with a wolf and a deer.  You will have to talk to Alex if you want to understand more about this but I understand that it is her interpretation of the song “Tear Us Apart” from the “The Last Werewolf” soundtrack.
The song seems to me to be an inversion of the normal romantic lyric which blames love for the pain we feel in love affairs – “love will tear us apart”, “only love can break your heart” etc – putting the blame firmly back on the lovers themselves – or the dark secret lover, the evil twin, the monster inside each that cannot resist causing trouble or destruction.
You can see the film here
This for me is the metaphorical message of the werewolf myth.
And you?