Inspired by the annual Christmas record Beatles made for their fan club in the 1960s, we have produced a The Real Tuesday Weld limited edition audio Christmas card every year since 2005. I think they have contained some of our best work.

This year’s is HERE

We usually make them with the cool little mini 5cm cds because we love them (though many people can’t actually play them as they need a conventional tray loading cd player which I guess less and less people have). But, this year for a change, we have gone right back to the way the Beatles did it and made a beautiful x-mas card flexi-disc you can actually play on your (or your mum’s) record player. YES, YOU CAN PUT IT ON A RECORD PLAYER AND IT WILL SPIN AND MAKE MUSIC

And to celebrate our Russian year, this year’s card contains ‘Dorogoi Dlinniy’ the original version of ‘Those Were The Days My Friend’ with our dear friend MARCELA PUPPINI of The Puppini Sisters.

You can get it HERE

Of course there is a download token for that song and for two additional exclusive tracks by The Real Tuesday Weld: ‘Those Were the Days’ (in English) and “I asked the Ash Tree’, our version of the amazing Mikael Tariverdiev song.

The design is by Paul Heartfield and is drawn from this year’s X-Ray Audio project
It’s absolutely gorgeous. trust me.

You can get it for yourself or we will sign it and address it to a loved someone if you like.