“A sleazy prison escapee hits the Clerkenwell streets, smoking, drinking and hiding out in the local brothel unaware that The Singing Detectives are on his trail. Bent on delivering retribution for his evil crimes, they get on The Hunt and, after grilling a local hooker, dish out much more vengeance than he could have bargained for.”

A film by Don Brosnan
Produced by Drowning Cowboy Films

Music by The Real Tuesday Weld featuring GG McEwan
The original version of THE HUNT is available HERE

The Real Tuesday Weld are against capital punishment!

The Hunt

Music: Stephen Coates, Clive Painter, Don Brosnan, Jacques Van Rhijn, Matt Snowden
Recorded live at The Way in 2012
Hair, makeup, wardrobe and props: Emily Field (Koo)
Puppets, drums and cars cutting: Jed Woodhouse
Scenery: Anna Butler, Katya Belaia and Ruth Shepherd
Puppeteers: Emma Finamore, Ben Stephens, Don Brosnan, Ruth Shepherd, Katya Belaia, Jed Woodhouse, Anna Butler and Anna Rozmiarek