I was delighted to receive a copy of this limited edition book of essays on the dead British screenwriter Nigel Kneale edited by Sukhdev Sandhu. Sukhdev has asked me to contribute a track to the accompanying album he was putting together as well as a one day symposium in New York: “A Cathode Ray Seance”

Kneale is probably best known outside a relatively small circle of afficionados as the creator of the mysterious scientific genius  Quatermass.  But he was truly a great – of the stature and influence of Dennis Potter –  I would say.  

If you are interested, for starters check out: his 1950s adaptation of Orwell’s “1984” for the BBC (incredibly shot live in a single take and the program which made Peter Cushing a star);  the terrifying play “The Stone Tape”;  the freakishly haunting TV show “Beasts” and of course the Quatermass films themselves.

I provided a “Theme for the Experimental Rocket Group’:
“The Experimental Rocket Group was founded by Kneale’s Quatermass but if they had been a band, what would they have sounded like?  It is always delightfully strange to write for an imaginary past –  especially when that past concerns an imaginary future.  So this little piece is intended to be one of the ways Now might have been imagined to have sounded Then..”

But the main delight for me in receiving the album is that it comes on a limited-edition CASSETTE

Hurrah!  That is the first time we have had music on actual tape.

Long Live Dead Formats.