Well, well, well- after all this time The Real Tuesday Weld are going back to play in Canada and the USA and I will be accompanying them. About time too. The world has changed and governments do their thing – incomprehensible to most of us I suspect – so it’s all become much more complicated and long winded and paranoic but I’m really looking forward to seeing friends, meeting strangers and travelling across that amazing landscape. I’ve hopped over the channel to work / collaborate / hang out quite a bit these last few years and it’s always such a pleasure.

I don’t know if you will be able to be there but it would be an honour to say hello if you were. All the dates are on that myspace thing.

In the meantime, or if we won’t see you, for a little something (a little cheeky something) to whet the appetite and to show that that famous ‘special relationship’ is still firmly in place, click here