Good Question.
The next The Real Tuesday Weld album is written and partly recorded but it keeps getting put on hold because of other projects. Or maybe I am just procrastinating? Well, either way, I hereby commit to finish it before the end of August. There.

There are various live events of different sorts coming up HERE. We are playing BAND shows in UK in August and Russia and Kaliningrad in September courtesy of the beautiful Vera Tariverdieva and then more in the UK I hope – it has felt way too long. Also, I am giving a TED X talk in Krakow next month.

Now in the meantime, the best answer to the question posed by this little thing, will get a prize – a copy of the music I wrote for the blockbuster game LA Noire a few years back. There were the songs with the lovely Claudia Brucken and various demos that didn’t make the final cut.

ANSWERS BY EMAIL TO info @ antiquebeat.co.uk