X-Ray Audio

Our X-Ray Audio project blew up (in the nicest possible way) last month. I’ve always known the story to be a fascinating one, particularly for our times. If you don’t know about it and want to, head over HERE.

In the cold war era, both the Soviet recording industry and its permissable musical repertoire were ruthlessly controlled by the State. But a vibrant, secret and risky trade grew up in bootleg records containing forbidden music including Western Jazz and Rock and Roll. In the absence of access to the usual means of making records, an ingenious alternative source of medium had been found – used X-Ray plates obtained from hospitals.

Photographer Paul Heartfield and I curated an exhibition at The Horse Hospital which got picked up by the BBC so yours truly was on the Today program (that was quite nice as I have been listening to it since I was born). The Guardian wrote a big piece too (HERE) and the exhibition was hugely popular as a consequence. The live events where sound artist Aleks Kolkowski cut new x-ray records form a performance by myself and Marcella Puppini were a riot – people love to see it – understandable, it is like magic.

We are taking the exhibition unto the Baltic in Gateshead next and then to various locations around the UK and abroad over the next few months. A book and a documentary are in progress too. Most importantly for me, I have a The Real Tuesday Weld album based around the whole thing. If you want t be kept abreast of developments, sign up HERE

If you want to be kept abreast of developments, go HERE