OUR NEW MINI-ALBUM and Christmas Card have arrived.
It feels as if I write a post about our annual audio Christmas card almost every other month. Well, here we are again – and here is SEASONS DREAMINGS 2013

It has five tracks of new music and looks gorgeous. We have been doing one of these every Christmas for eight years. EIGHT years. Blimey! It is designed as a card with an envelope so you can send it to a loved one – or yourself. Or you can ask ANTIQUE BEAT to have it signed and sent on your behalf.

Our old friend the very Alex Budovsky designed the cover based on his incredible animation ‘(RETURN I WILL TO OLD) BRAZIL’ (see below). That song is on the cd – released because so many people many requested it.

‘GUILTY’ features the band with Josie Lloyd belting it out for all she’s worth. I can think of worse people to share a prison cell with. That song was originally written for the LA Noire soundtrack but here it is unlocked and on the run.

‘THE LAST STAND OF THE CLERKENWELL KID’ is the musical story of Valentine Rose’s final moments, trying to escape the inevitable on his faithful steed Serge.

‘A MOMENT ALLOWED” will feature on the score for ‘Meet Me in Montenegro’ the new indie feature by Alex Holdridge which I am currently writing.

And, for that night before Christmas feeling there is ‘TO THE END’ from another movie soundtrack – this year’s ‘The Suspect’ by Stuart Connelly.

Here it is: http://antiquebeat.co.uk/products/music/2013/11/seasons-dreamings-2013-christmas-card/

And a Happy Christmas to all our friends – past, present and future.